Teen Wise Founder, Parent Educator and Life Coach, Sheri Gazitt


My passion is to empower girls to discover their internal spark. I guide girls to find what makes them happy, motivated, and excited about life. By doing that, they are able to live more genuine, purposeful, and fulfilling lives.

People always ask me how and why I started Teen Wise. It began when I took on the role as the GoGirlGo Seattle Director for the Women’s Sports Foundation. For several years, I worked diligently to bring the powerful GoGirlGo curriculum to the Pacific Northwest region. When funding ran out for my position, I knew the journey wasn’t over for me. That’s when Teen Wise opened its doors.

But the true passion came from my junior and high school years. My grades were high, my achievements were many, and my unhealthy choices were even greater. Adults praised my accomplishments but didn’t see the underlying issues. How could they? On the surface, everything seemed fine. “Fine” is a word that I hear over and over in my coaching practice (and with my own daughters). When asked how their week was, my clients say “fine”. After a few minutes, though, we get to the real stuff, and it is not always “fine”. My passion is to empower girls to discover what makes them tick, brings them happiness, and motivates them. By doing this, they can be more genuine and fulfilled in their relationships and in life.

My continual motivation and passion for my work comes from my three teen daughters. They are my business consultants, my guides, my cheerleaders, and my critics. When new materials or presentations are being produced, they review them and give their stamp of approval (or not) on the design and content before being published or presented. And, believe me, they have a thing or two to say about the content!



  • 2016 Golden Teddy Award finalist
  • Trained by Rachel Simmons author of ODD GIRL OUT
  • Attended life coaching program specifically focused on teen girls
  • Guest on radio shows such as Radio Disney, Chat with Women, and the News Chick
  • Previous GoGirlGo! Seattle Director for the Women’s Sports Foundation
  • Advisor for articles in Parent Map and school publications
  • Created community partnerships with Seattle Storm, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Seattle U, University of Washington, PTSAs & many more
  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • Coordinated research in Neurology and Neuropsychology departments
  • Mental health triage for parents in crisis

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